“one of the best music educators that it has been my pleasure to work with”

(The director of The Music Practice – Gillian Bonham)

"a highly effective teaching talent"

(Peter Calvo. Director of The Australian Institute of Music)


Lisa Byrnes (B.A Mus; B.Mus Ed; M.Perf Op) is a specialist singing, music and drama teacher and has created and taught many highly successful singing, music and drama programmes in Australia and the United Kingdom for adults, children and people with special needs in schools, private institutions, universities, privately, and for corporations.

Dynamic, intelligent, creative, and versatile, Lisa has held many teaching positions including teaching drama, singing and music at The Australian Institute of Music, where she was head of drama for the Senior Secondary School. She has also taught at The Music Practice in Sydney where she inspired and brought voice and music to many adults. She has designed and taught many creative music and drama programmes for schools and led whole school singing workshops in many primary and secondary schools in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Lisa currently teaches singing in London running individual classes and, teamed with a dynamic movement teacher, runs voice and movement classes and workshops for adults, children and corporate clients. Nervous beginners are most welcome to experience the enjoyment, confidence and pleasure from developing your voice.



Lisa Byrnes - Singing Teacher - based in London

(Central London, Fulham Broadway, Marylebone, Herne Hill)