Lisa Byrnes (B.A.Mus; B.Mus.Ed; M.Perf Opera) is a singer, performer and teacher. Lisa holds a Master of Performance Opera from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a Bachelor of Arts Music and a Bachelor of Music Education from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia. She is the recipient of many scholarships and awards. Among them is an Italian Government Scholarship that allowed her to study language and libretti in Italy.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Lisa grew up in an idyllic setting near Byron Bay surrounded by beautiful landscapes and unspoilt beaches. Perhaps this setting helped to nurture a spirit and a voice described as "both anchored and free".

Lisa is based in London.


Lisa makes the final of the prolific UK songwriting contest

"a voice of sensual beauty and truth"

"acting and stage presence riveting....beyond praise....envelopes the audience and transports it" (Perform)