***** FIVE STAR REVIEW (Three Weeks) Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

LISA MAKES THE FINAL OF THE U.K. SONGWRITING COMPETITION 2007, 2008 and 2010 (Inciampando and Agnus Dei)


Lisa Byrnes (Opera Singer/Songwriter) stumbled into songwriting. After completing a Masters of Performance (Opera) at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Lisa studied and travelled in Europe. Her first song, 'Inciampando', found her in Italy and London after playing Romeo in Bellini's opera (I capuletti) and, inspired by the zeitgeist at the time of male opera groups such as 'Il Divo', she entered this song, 'Inciampando' (Stumbling), in the U.K. songwriting competition in 2007 and got to the finals. Inspired, Lisa continued writing and entered the U.K. Songwriting Competition again in 2008 and 2010 and again made it to the finals.

Lisa continues to perform as an opera singer at major events and concerts and in productions in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and has performed as a soloist at venues including the Sydney Opera House, the Symphony Hall in Birmingham, the Loftus Stadium in London, and the Angel Place Recital Hall in Sydney.

Lisa has performed her original songs for classical concerts and as part of The Schubert Society of Great Britain's 150th birthday celebrations and at The Women's Council Award dinners.

In the guise of Muse Chanteuse, accompanied by her husband, composer/pianist, Chris Taylor, Lisa has performed her original songs in shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010 and 2011 (5 star review -Three Weeks), and at Rivington Gallery, The Doodle Bar, and Upstairs at The Ritzy in London, and with circus acts at The Byron Entertainment Centre and Dr Sketchy's in Byron Bay.

Muse Chanteuse is a glorious spectacle of original music - a fusion of opera, virtuoso piano, cabaret and jazz, created and performed by award winning composer/performer duo Lisa Byrnes and Chris Taylor.
Muse Chanteuse have performed in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and received a five star review at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011.
Using piano and voice and drawing inspiration from a palette of classical and world styles, this duo create enchanting songs that evoke light and dark, landscapes and dreams, folklore and fantasy, romance and love.

  "...a classy cabaret act......drifting through original work, homages to nonsense literature, fairytales and romantic songs in French and German.....both are brilliant musicians. However good they'd be apart, they're better together, playing off each other perfectly.....a memorable experience." (5 star review, Katie Cunningham- Three Weeks Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011)

"a wonderful little cabaret piece" (damoblog - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011)

"Lisa is among the rare few singers who can deliver Eartha Kitt as well as Mozart, and has the performance instinct of an actor" David Letch- Opera Director

 "Music that is in and out of the box. It switches and teeters on the edge of styles and language and it effortlessly creates, dances and plays on the edge with humour, fun and frivolity then switches to the profound and the magical. Ying yang, golden and magical"






LISA MAKES THE FINAL OF THE U.K. SONGWRITING COMPETITION 2007, 2008, 2010 (Inciampando and Agnus Dei)